Sunday School Lessons


Sunday School Lessons:


 July- Unit I- Jesus Calls For Justice And Mercy

7/1------To Forgive and Be Forgiven--------Matthew 18: 21-35

7/8--------------Hypocrites!------------------Matthew 23: 1-4, 23-26  

7/15------------Persistence Pays Off---------Luke 18: 1-8                                      
7/22----------------Come In------------------Luke 13: 22-30

7/29-----------Join the Party----------------Luke 14: 15-24



August- Unit II- Paul Teaches About New Life In Christ

8/5--------Equity for All----------------------Romans 2: 1-12

8/12-------Charitable Equity for All---------2 Corinthians 8: 7-15

8/19-------Equity in Conduct----------------Romans 12: 9-21

8/26-------Equity in Character--------------Colossians 3:5-7

September- Unit III- God Created The World

9/2---------Out of the Darkness------------------Genesis 1: 1-13

9/9---------Turn On the Lights!------------------Genesis  1: 14-25

9/16--------Creation Is a Very Good Thing -----Genesis 1:26- 31; 2:4-7

9/23--------Relationships Are Important-------Genesis 2:18- 24; 4:1-2

9/30---------Passing the Buck----------------Genesis 3:8- 17, 20-24



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