West Hill Baptist Church

My Confession for Today

     I confess that I am surrendered to the purposes of God. I daily consecrate myself to God- to do what He wants and to live a life that is pleasing to Him. my flesh may try to wage war against this consecration, but I take authority over my flesh and I tell it what to do. My body does not control me. Instead, I control it, using it as my instrument to do whatever God asks me to do. Every day when I awake, I renew my consecration and personal commitment to serve God with all my heart. I am His completely, and I will obey whatever His Spirit prompts me to do. I declare this by faith in Jesus name!

"Peace is not the absence of difficulties, but rather, it's the presence of a trustworthy person who sees us, cares, and will never abandon us." Robin Meadows.  Jesus is our peace!

My Prayer for Today


     Lord, today I am surrendering myself as a living sacrifice to be used in whatever way You choose. I know You are beckoning me to come higher and closer than ever before, so right now I approach You with great reverence and surrender myself more fully to You. With all my heart I vow to give You my soul, my emotions, my spirit, my body and everything else that I am and that I possess. I want to live for You and to serve You for the rest of my life. Starting today, I yield to You completely. When You speak, I will do exactly what You tell me to do. I pray this in Jesus name!

Attendance vs Commitment

By Dr. Lance D. Watson

"...God has not created us to be solo. In some point in time in your life you are going to need someone. You did not come into the world by yourself, you cannot live by yourself and when you die you will need at least six people to carry you out once your life is over. Just like a quarter back needs a team you and I need the church. We need vertical and horizontal association, we need the church and attendance is not enough. Don’t get me wrong attendance is good, it just puts us in the posture of being spectators. Attendance puts us in the position of reaping benefits of the church without being obligating to contribute to the well-being of the church. Take for example when we attend a football or basketball game we show up in attendance but we do not have any responsibility of what transpires on the field. All we are doing is watching what is being taken place. Enjoying the action and what we see. Unfortunately, many of us have the same approach to the church we are arm chair quarterbacks. We watch the preacher preach, watch the choir sing, watch the dancers dance, watch the deacon pray, while we sit back and bark orders and commands from our religious recliners. We are not really in the game. It can be considered a Wii religious meaning you are going through the motions but you are not really playing the game. As God’s people we need to not only attend the church but be committed to the church. Attendance without commitment is like living together without being married. Just as shacking up is water down version of being married without the commitment you are not able to obtain the full benefits. A commitment is necessary to obtain the maximum benefits of our relationship with God because that is how the church is developed."